The wildly versatile NACRA 15. This Olympic Pathway performer is picking up speed! Internationally recognised, the World Sailing Youth Multihull and RYA British Youth Multihull.

Currently Semi-foiling, future proof with a fully foiling option... Designed specifically to be the most exciting World Sailing Youth boat ever!! A full UK and European Race Circuit for 2016 / 17 with an established International and soon to be UK Class Association.

Demonstrations / coaching opportunities arranged with deposits now being taken to secure your team earliest delivery.

Price stated inc: World sailing spec, Curved foils, Race Pack, World Sailing registration Plaque and International Class Membership.

NACRA 15Price   0,5$ "

Nacra 15

The NACRA 15 is now available in the UK and across the Globe ready for teams to prepare for its inaugural inclusion in the World Sailing, Youth World Championships December 2016 in New Zealand. 

Nacra 15 Curved  £13798 Inc Vat,

Harken Mainsheet System 8:1,  Downhaul System 6:1,  Mast Rotation 2:1, Fixed Length Alloy Tiller Extension, Curved Composite Daggerboards, Composite Rudder with winglets, Never miss trapeze system. World Sailing Registration Plaque, International Class Membership. Ex Delivery, trolley, trailer etc

Race Pack  £ 598 Inc Vat

Adjustable Trapeze System, Harken Tapered Mainsheet System 10:1, Downhaul System 8:1, Tapered Spi Halyard, Quick Release Mast Rotation, Deck Tidy control lines, Daggerboard Covers, Rudder Covers, Carbon Tiller Extension.

World Sailing Youth World Championship, Supplied Boat Specification:  Nacra 15 Curved + Race Pack


First impressions last!! Here at Fluid Boat Services, as soon as we understood there was a new World Sailing orientated, youth multihull under development by NACRA we were eager to understand what was on offer.

Truly raising the bar in terms of equipment, build quality and performance. The NACRA 15 shares many of the same quality  fittings and controls as the NACRA 17. From the curved foils to the self tacking jib right down to the trapeze adjusters. Therefore not only does it resemble its big sister, it creates familiarity and a natural pathway towards endless opportunities of foiling multihull excitment and the challenge of the Olympics.

Having both the NACRA 15 and NACRA 16 for trial and demonstration here first in the UK February 2015 gave us a real insight to the potential of this great new boat. As soon as we tested the Nacra 15 and 16 back to back (which fairly represents any F16), with our Coach's hat firmly on, it was immediately obvious that any thought of the F16 being suitable as the World Sailing Youth Multihull was not to be a sensible or practicle choice. The F16 is a great progression option for the experienced Youth sailor who has come up through the classes but the boat was just too powerful for newer teams to the World of multihulls to have fun on or indeed ensure saftey. Too much power, too soon hinders learning and the building of skills and confidence.

Empowering sailors, the Nacra 15, is the boat that any new team can safely and enjoyably get to grips with but importantly, it has the performance and versatility that will keep its sailors excited, engaged and racing at the highest Youth levels. A truely bespoke pathway class inspiring youth for a life of sailing.

Already raceable here in the UK within the established and very competitive Open Multi-hull Race circuit, as more Nacra 15's hit the water, both the National and International one-design circuit will be the real testing ground for our progressive Youth. With more than 75 Nacra 15's sold World-wide the Nacra 15 enjoyed 6 teams racing in its inaugural Championship at Lake Como Italy in July 2016.

With a target crew weight of approx 120 kg +/- 10 kg combined, the Nacra 15 is ideally suited to both male and female youth sailors allowing them to perform in a wide range of conditions.

A semi-foiling multihull with two curved dagger boards giving lift and that extra dimension, fun and excitement. Added winglets on the rudders not only stabilises flight but allows the young sailors to sail faster, push harder in safety and control (see the Pros in the Nacra 17 Video Clip flying without winglets, impressive stuff!).

With an Infused resin and foam core, hull construction is not only designed to give performance with durability the hulls have been built "future proof" therefore giving any new owner long term confidence. NACRA 15, Fully Foiling now, available early 2017, an exciting option targeted for the 2018 Youth Olympics where the NACRA 15 has been selected as one of only 3 sailing classes along with Windsurfing and Kite Boarding. This gives total confidence that this boat is here to stay at the cutting edge of Youth Sailing for many years ahead.

The Nacra 15, available from Fluid Boat Services, is the latest release in the Nacra range representing the future of multihull sailing at the highest level around the World. The Nacra 15 empowering our youth, the only limit is the imagination.

If you would like delivery details or any further information we'd be happy to hear from you, give us a call  or use the contact form below...


Hull Colour
Equipment Options
Club / Curved / Race
Mainsail and Jib Colour
Spinnaker Colour Options
Red / White / Blue
Foil Options
Straight Aluminium / Curved Carbon composite
Harken quality throughout


Boat Length
4.70 m/15.4 ft
Boat Width
2.35m/7.7 ft
Mast Length
8.10m/26.5 ft
All-Up Boat Weight
140 kg
Area Mainsail
13.6m/146 sqft
Area Jib
3.3m/36 sqft
Area Spi
16.5m/177.6 sqft
Provisional SCHRS



Nacra 15 Promo

Nacra 15, Eurocat, 2015