The Diam 24od, a performance orientated, one design, multihull sports boat. Ideal for savouring the pleasures of high speed sailing with its addictive performance, easy handling and fantastic fleet racing. All for less than 50k Euros!!

Selected by the Tour De France a la Voile back in 2015 – a growing revolution in equipment and format of racing with events now across the globe including Sail Arabia The Tour, Tahiti and a new tour in Italy for 2019.

Importantly we too have an established and fast growing racing fleet right here in the UK. Prime D24od events include Vice Admirals Cup, Round The Island Race and now Cowes week too.

A VPLP design, developed and optimised at Port La Foret by the elite of French Sailing. Voted “Boat of the Year 2017” – Overall Winner and Best Multihull – Sail Magazine – USA.

Speed, quality, safety and value, well thought out, highly efficient design. The D24od truly allows you to discover the excitement of highly competitive multihull racing, either around the bouys, coastal distance courses or even coastal day cruising with the family, you choose.

What makes the D24od so special?

  • A stiff and rigid platform: The non folding beams guarantee uncompromised rigidity accross the beam.
  • A highly effective hull to beam coupling mechanism (cones and sockets) keeping it ultra simple giving full assembly / disassembly times of just an hour.
  • Autonomous handling: The overall size of the boat and it’s components allows 100% manual handling including stepping the mast, no mechanical assistance is required.
  • A balance of forces. A perfectly balanced helm makes the boat lively and seaworthy.
  • 2 rudders – on each floater allow you to sail with the central hull out of the water – with a single central daggerboard for performance and saftey.
  • Simplicity. A clean deck plan, a minimised sail inventory – North Sails 3Di main and Jib with an All Purpose gennaker.
  • The Diam24od inspires confidence to allow you to sail "head out of the boat" to maximize your enjoyment of speed and competition.
  • Functional and well specc’ed Harken / Karver Hardware Package.
  • Simple, effective locking mechanism for the jib and mainsail Halyards, a 16 :1 cunningham, course and fine tune on the mainsheet, self tacking jib.
  • A rotating Carbon Mast, with spreaders, simple adjustable diamond wires, and shrouds.

Trial Sails and coaching available with Fluid Boat Services from the Hamble Point Marina, UK.


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